Coleen photographing one

Coleen Goralski was born and raised in Wisconsin. Growing up in a rural area gave her an appreciation for nature. Her work reflects her love for the natural world.

HerĀ  work is not limited to one area of expertise. The ability to work in several different mediums is her trademark.

Coleen may have several projects going on at the same time. While waiting for a beautiful fused plate or pendant to fire in her kiln, she begins working with a torch creating one of a kind glass lampwork beads, beading, wire wrapping or silversmithing.

Coleen also creates custom works of stained glass working closely with the homeowner for one of a kind works of glass art.

Coleen works in the traditional Tiffany method of stained glass. Each piece is meticulously cut from large sheets of glass, the edges are ground and then each piece is carefully wrapped in copper foil. The piece is then soldered together, antiqued, cleaned and polished. She often incorporates sandblasting, chemical etching or paint when required.

This custom door of Winston Churchill is two sided, the face, sign and hat are etched, sandblasted and filled on both the front and back. If you look closely you can even see smoke rising from the cigar.

Custom work is a regular part of Coleen’s workday be it in stained glass, fusing or bridal jewelry she works closely with the client insuring the client is happy and understands the processes involved.

Coleen is not afraid to take risks. Her photography speaks for itself. Her florals and landscapes depict a true sense of beauty. Many of her images are colorful and bold.

After returning from the field, Coleen’s efforts now turn to printing her images. The Goralski’s have a full service giclee print studio. All of Coleen’s reproductions are reproduced with great care. Each print is inspected by Coleen insuring the finest quality.


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