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How to Care for Pearls – Top Ten Tips
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How to Care for Pearls – Top 10 Tips

By Sonja Holke

Pearls are one of those timeless pieces of jewelry that are often passed on from generation to generation, as well they should be! There is no reason they can’t last a lifetime and then be passed on as heirloom pieces with the right care. Here are a few tips to care for your heirloom jewelry-

1. Never clean your pearls in an ultra sonic cleaner.

2. Put any creams, hairspray or perfumes on before you put your necklace, bracelet or earrings on. Rule of thumb for pearls is ‘last thing on, first thing off’.

3. Do not wear jewelry in chlorinated pools or hot tubs.

4. Do not use harsh chemicals to clean your pearls such as ammonia, alcohol, vinegar, or household cleaners.

5. Wear your pearls! Pearls love the natural oils from your body but not the perspiration.

6. Use a damp cloth to clean pearls. Allow to thoroughly dry before storage.

7. Store fine jewelry in a pouch or separate box, not thrown in with all your other jewelry. Other jewelry can scratch the nacre.

8. If the pearls have lost their luster some people have reported success with wiping a thin layer of olive oil to restore luster.

9. Do not store pearls in a plastic bag or plastic of any kind, they will be become dry and brittle.

10. Never store your pearls near a heater or on a windowsill with bright light.

Now you know the proper care for your pearls. Wear them often and don’t pack away your pearls with your wedding dress, wear them! Pearls are in vogue again and can be worn with everything from wedding dresses to jeans!

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Bridal Jewelry – Making the Right Choice For the Big Day

By Sonja Holke

You have so much to think about already! Choosing the right bridal jewelry can be just as important as picking out the dress. Often it is one more major, but often overlooked decision, don’t leave it until the last minute! Choosing the right jewelry ahead of time is important so you have just the look you really want for those pictures of a lifetime that will be handed down through the generations.

Pearls are an obvious choice for brides as they have been a symbol of femininity throughout the ages. Pearls have been traded, used as magical or medicinal purposes, a symbol of purity, restricted for nobility and even talked about in the bible. Pearls have a long history and will continue to enchant us for their simple grace and elegance. Pearls and brides have gone together for thousands of years and are likely to continue for thousands more. Besides any ancient meanings behind pearls, they just look beautiful with that once in a lifetime dress!

As with any jewelry, pearl jewelry can be delicate and feminine or bold and a real statement piece. Choosing which piece you want with your wedding dress is crucial to the overall look. A delicate one strand piece may be all that is needed to complete a look particularly with a dress that has a lot of extravagant details. A more simple dress can handle a larger artisan piece or many strands with different colors and textures.

Classic does not have to mean a traditional one strand necklace. A truly timeless piece can and should withstand the test of time and not be so trendy as to be able to judge the year it was made. Fine jewelry should be able to passed onto the next generation and worn by that generation not just kept in a box that Grandma had. Pearl jewelry for the bride should not only go with the dress but be able to be worn for a lifetime! Imagine wearing your bridal jewelry 30 years from the big day and still getting compliments on it! Buy a good quality piece of jewelry and you will be wearing it 30,40, and 50 years from now and passing it on to a loved one. Today pearls are worn not only on brides but with jeans and a blouse too!

Think of the photographs that will be taken that day and the fact that they will now be part of your family history. Many brides have later come to regret the fashion statement of the day whether it was a make-up look that was popular, hair, or even jewelry. A classy look is always in style.

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What Are Fused Dichroic Pendants?

By Sonja Holke

You may have seen beautiful jewelry that was labeled as ‘dichroic’ and wondered what exactly does that mean? Dichroic comes from the Greek meaning two colors. The glass appears to be different colors when viewed from different angles or in varying degrees of light. In basic terms it means that the dichroic glass reflects one color when light is reflected from the surface and transmits a second color when light passes through it.

Dichroic glass today is an offshoot from the space program where it was used in face plates to filter out unwanted light spectrums. Dichroic glass today has many different applications from the beautiful jewelry used by artists to optical and security industries.

The process used to make dichroic glass is highly technical and is called ‘Thin Film Physics’. It is a costly process in which glass is first cleaned to the molecular level then coated with thin films of elements such as titanium, magnesium, zirconium and others. The elements are vacuum deposited onto the glass. Up to thirty layers may be applied and the elements used are what give the glass the varying colors available. The time required in the vacuum vessel may take from two and half to four hours, hence the reason for the high cost of this unique glass.

The glass is sold to artists in small sheets which are then cut by hand to fit the artists design and fused in a kiln for eight or more hours at temperatures that can reach upwards of 1490 degrees. Dichroic glass is also available in glass rods for the lampwork artist to produce beautiful beads. Lampwork artists use a torch and rods of glass to produce the beads on mandrels which are then also put in a kiln for about an hour to anneal them.

Dichroic fused pendants have become the hot new thing in the jewelry world! The nature of the glass usually makes these pendants statement pieces because they are so unusual and obvious as artisan works. Many artists make one of a kind pendants or in small editions. The pendants make great gifts because though they are handmade you can pick them up for an attractive price. Pendants come in many color choices and combination’s and the dichroic accents add an affordable glimmer. You will be able to have a different pendant for everyday of the week! These pendants make great memorable gifts.

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