Fine Art Photography by Coleen Goralski

Coleen was born and raised in Wisconsin. Growing up in a rural area gave her an appreciation for nature and the world around her. Her work reflects her love of the natural world.

Florals are a favorite subject for Coleen. Many of her florals are photographed as a portrait often coming in close revealing parts of the flowers people often don’t take time to see. Coleen’s florals range from the sensual to architectural in shape, color and sentiment.

Coleen’s photography in other areas shows her ability to find something beautiful or interesting in everyday objects. Be it a rusty fence posts or barbed wire they too can become a great piece of art.

Scenery and landscape images are always a favorite among photographers and clients alike. Scenery images evoke feelings of serenity or the sheer power of water or times effect upon the earth.

Goralski’s favorite camera is a medium format Mamiya RB67.  She also uses a digital camera and produces her own fine art giclee prints using large format giclee printers on fine art paper, canvas and traditional photo paper.

Canvas prints can be hand embellished by the artist giving the photographs a painterly feel and look if desired.
Her works are in private collections around the country, spas, galleries and in private collections in Europe.


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