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Vintage ads and images are a charming addition to any room! Our fine art giclee reproductions of vintage art can meet any decorating needs. From children’s rooms to mancaves, bar and restaurants you are sure to find a delightful piece that will enhance the ambiance of your room.

What I find so enchanting with some of the vintage images is the printing process that was used in the past. Most of the images you will find here are from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. Look closely and you will see a larger dot pattern that adds to the charm of these images. You can see this dot pattern best in ‘Prescription Druggist‘, ‘Soapine‘, ‘Boy with Toys‘ and Quaker Girls ”. Not all the images have this larger dot pattern but many do.

Gold Coin GalsĀ 

Tomato Man

Nostalgic art is particularly appealing in decorating a child’s room. There are so many to choose from for either a boy or a girl! ‘Going Fishing‘, ‘Swing Higher‘, ‘Beach Walk‘, ‘Dancing Children‘ are just a few of the many adorable images that would look great in a child’s room. Vintage art would be wonderful gift for a baby shower as the fine art giclees will last a lifetime. These antique images lend a cheerful innocence to a child’s room while adding color and interest the child will enjoy.

My personal favorites for a kitchen or dining area would be the ‘Tomato Man‘ and ‘White Plume Celery Girl‘ and who can resist a cherub with ‘Wilbur’s Breakfast Cocoa‘? Other great additions to any kitchen or dining decorating scheme would be the ‘Quaker Girls’, ‘Gold Coin Gals‘ or ad a little humor with ‘Babes in Gowns‘. “Imperial Sec‘ would be a quaint addition to any dining area.

Decorating your man cave or rec room is a snap with the many choices and themes you could go with using vintage art. Car enthusiasts will appreciate the many “Kelly Tire‘ images or ‘Chalmer‘. ‘Excelsior‘ for added elegance to any smoking room, man cave or bar. Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, ‘Five Beers‘ or ‘Pabst Girl‘ are natural for any pool room or bar as well. While it may not be politically correct today the ads and images for cigarettes from yesteryear are truly works of art. Take a look at ‘Helmar Cigarettes‘ or the many “Murad‘ Turkish tobacco cigarette images available. Travel or ship enthusiast will enjoy ‘Great White Fleet’, ‘French Line‘ and ‘Anchor Line’ to name a few.

Five Beers

Old theater posters have been a hot commodity in decorating for quite a while and the vintage theater images available here are not the run of the mill posters you see everywhere! ‘Apollo Theatre‘ is a bold image in red and black while ‘Illinois Theatre’ is a more traditional look in theater posters. ‘Powers’ Theatre‘ is a personal favorite along with ‘Apollo Theatre’. Find your favorite! Vintage theater images look good in any room!

Power’s Theatre

Lastly we can find humor and quirky charm in many of the ads such as ‘Big Man‘, ‘County Fair‘, ‘Keep Smiling’,’Trojan Shoe Store’ and ‘To Europe‘ are just a few worth a look. How often have you thought ‘You Can Lead a Horse to Water‘? Now you can frame that thought!

You Can Lead a Horse…

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